Thursday, December 6, 2012

Written in Black

Please be advised that upon this, the third loss of my journal, I have followed through and acquired from a dry goods and apothecary, a sheet of carbonated paper. It is my intent to faithfully journal in duplicate, and though it may prove an egregious waste of paper, I shall remove the black copy and send it on by post in a reasonable manner.  Although my employ takes me often far from the postman's regular duties, I feel sufficient certainty in my ability to locate the nearest post.

As I have some months afield before I come back in, please consider these updates by post as preliminary reports, with later observations to follow. I shall, herein, do my best to reconstruct the tales, evidence, and impressions I have gathered on my recent journeys, as recollection allows. However, I fear that the loss of detail through the lack of immediacy of recollection shall diminish the value in terms of our research as well as in terms of precision. It is my sincere hope that the use of said carbonated paper shall aid in clearer communication.

I have an appointment soon. The apothecary has piqued my interest with the tale regarding the settling of this village and the fae. It is likely only another story, though stories are my primary vocation, I still intend to investigate as fully as I can.

Let me leave you then with an admonishment to remind any other researchers afield at the moment- should you accidentally copy down any text which proves of the most destructive and indelible sort and should it be suggested that the only means of remedying whatever occult forces have been brought to bear upon you by burning said writing, please do, first, attempt to remove said pages rather than allow the entire tome to be destroyed. It is difficult to consider all outcomes in such a situation, and therefore planning is of the essence.

The black copy should reach you by the Feast Day of Saint Nicholas, may it find you hale.

Mostly unsinged,

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